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We are not just a membership site. We are a movement.

Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself? Are you feeling lost in your direction? 

JoClub is the remedy reconnect you with the real MVP: yourself.

The JoClub membership is an act of self-investment.

We’ll be your always-there accountability partners, cheering you on as you grow.

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What's the JoClub Story?

Jo here! If you told my 13 year old self that I’d have a company where global people journal together to improve themselves and the world, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I had always journaled, but did it silently, away from the cameras keeping it as my little secret. I’d journal about how I wanted to write, how I wanted to work with international people, speak multiple languages, travel, give others life changing experiences, and be a bridge for connections to prove we’re more similar than we are different.

JoClub is a global membership program for both people around the world, and organizations. We use the tool of journaling to unlock clarity, connection, and community in the name of growth.

Learn how to:

Make no mistake, self-awareness is a lifelong journey. But it’s a skill that you can learn. We want to invite you to start it here, with us, so we can build that muscle together. 

Journaling is like giving your consciousness some space to breathe. By putting your thoughts on paper you allow your mind to release, and unleash the shackles of their weight.

You can look at the bigger picture from a more holistic view of what you need to be fulfilled.

We can’t wait to meet you, and be a part of your journey.

Growing one page at a time


JoClub prompts and live journaling sessions are strategically designed to take members on an introspective journey each month for 12 months a year so we rewire negative or non-productive thinking patterns.


Members connect further to themselves through daily thought-provoking prompts, and they also connect to their fellow members regardless of geographical distances with our weekly sessions. Lifelong friendships are made.


We’ll be your community of accountability partners who genuinely want you to win. We’re the in-betweeners, the introverts, the thinkers, the feelers, and the people who want to document this precious and beautiful time we’re here.

Member Testimonials

Challenge Alert!

21 Day Career & Calling Challenge

Has it ever occurred to you that we spend most of our lives working, but we’re never taught how to truly “find our thing?” We’re not taught how to unlock and plot the path for our life’s work.
Join the Career & Calling Challenge to unlock your next level 👇

Journaling for 21 days (and further) will help you:
📓 Design your unique path in life
📓 Strategically plan your next move
📓 Unlock some surprising revelations about the person you are and want to be
📓 Get to conclusions you wouldn’t have reached otherwise
📓 Connect to a global community of people dedicated to self-development

For under $3 a day you’ll unlock things in yourself you never even knew were there.

What Challengers are Saying...

truly enjoyed this 21-day clarity challenge so much. I learned a lot about myself, including how revealing past things has shown me I can trust myself. The passions are still there, I just need to stop running from them.
Career & Calling Challenger
The community this challenge brought together was amazing - the most compassionate and insightful individuals I’ve ever seen, all together and working towards our own improvement and motivating each other along the way. The prompts were really thought-provoking and profound!
Career & Calling Challenger
JoClub has really changed my life. Every time I participate in JoClub, or a JoClub challenge, I realize that it's the thing I didn't know I needed. It is medicine for the soul, and is magic.
Career & Calling Challenger

Get to know your host

Jo Franco

Hi everyone! I’m Jo Franco, a writer, TV host, polyglot, world traveler, and founder of the most wholesome slice on the internet, JoClub. I have been journaling for 16 years every single time I’ve been confused, flustered, excited, or I’ve had major changes in my life – and I want to teach you to do the same! 

This movement started as a happy accident, and I kept growing it because it filled my cup. It’s now a massive movement, with members in all corners of the globe. I couldn’t be more thrilled. 

My mission with JoClub is to gather self-invested souls around the world for reflections & deep conversations that propel us towards our most fulfilling lives.  Live journaling is like mental flossing and energetic hygiene. Your future self will thank you.

 All of our sessions contain humanity’s finest qualities: we’re here to encourage and support each other. We hope to be your lifelong accountability partners to help you plant seeds for flowers you actually want to see grow. We do that through the tool of journaling as a collective.

Are you ready to unlock your greatest self?

Frequently Asked Questions

JoClub is an international group of people dedicated to self-awareness, growth, and cultivating a positive community through the tool of journaling. We journal as a collective on live journaling calls on a weekly basis, and stay in touch in an always-on community platform for daily conversation, monthly challenges, and more.

We currently host sessions on Mondays at 10am EST, Thursdays at 12pm EST, Saturdays & Sundays at 12pm EST, and sometimes Fridays at 5pm EST. The timezones are meant to accommodate our global members. If you can’t make the session, you can always rewatch in our library of events in Circle (member only platform you’ll get invited to once you join).

Currently we host 8 live journaling sessions monthly, in multiple timezones in various themes. We have art journaling, music journaling, BYOP (bring your own prompt), and themed sessions on a monthly basis. 

New members will also get the chance to schedule an on-boarding call with the JoClub team to get a tour of how to get the most of their membership, meet other new members, and live journal together for the first time!

Jan: 2023 planning
Feb: Love
March: Personality
Apr: Investments
May: Mental health
June: Exploration & travel
July: Zest for life
August: Learning & growth
September: Connections
October: Creativity
November: Gratitude
December: 2024 planning

JoClub facilitators run sessions based on their passions and interests. They were all JoClub members first, and receive regular training by Jo Franco, founder. Jo hosts special sessions as well.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most diverse places on the internet.

All genders, ages (18+), sexualities, ethnicities, and cultures welcome. If English isn’t your first language, don’t worry! You’re not alone. We love accents and many of our members and facilitators speak at least two languages.

We have three different options to make JoClub as flexible as possible:  we start at $90/month for the monthly plan, $199/three months in our quarterly plan, and $729/annually for our yearly plan. The more time you commit the better, journaling is not a one and done thing, it’s a habit and takes time.

You can cancel anytime, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee because we really believe in our product.