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JoClub Challenges

They say 21 days is what you need for a habit to stick. That’s why these are perfect to kickstart your journaling habit.

Watch this video from one of our challenges that will answer all of your questions.

Are you looking to find your purpose? or unlock your next career move?

Or do you need to dive deeper into self-reflection and grow your relationship with yourself? Take one of our self-guided journaling challenges that will take you on your craving journey.

Start journaling with us today​

We challenge you to GROW! Check out our challenges below.

Who is JoClub For?

The purpose-seeker

searching for their next strategic step in life.

The healing heart

working through trauma while building a foundation of self-love and respect.

The stuck creator

looking for inspiration to intentionally carve their own path.

The running mind

setting foundational habits and learning consistency to move forward.

And everyone else who is committed to deepening their self-awareness so they can take aligned actions to build their dream relationships, careers, and lives.

Are you feeling…

At JoClub, we have created a safe space for global minds to invest in themselves and learn about perspectives worldwide while scripting their dream lives through journaling.

What is JoClub?

Founded by Jo Franco

JoClub is a global journaling movement made up of an international group of people dedicated to self-awareness, growth, and cultivating a positive community through the tool of journaling. We journal as a collective on live journaling calls on a weekly basis, and stay in touch in an always-on community platform for daily conversation, monthly challenges, and more.

Growing one page at a time.

What is the JoClub method?


JoClub prompts and live journaling sessions are strategically designed to take members on an introspective journey each month.


Members connect further to themselves through daily thought-provoking prompts, and they also connect to their fellow members regardless of geographical distances. We’re the people who can’t be bothered with surface-level conversations.


We’ll be your community of accountability partners who genuinely want you to win. We’re the in-betweeners, the introverts, the thinkers, the feelers, and the people who want to document this precious and beautiful time we’re here.

No journaling experience is required, just a notebook, an open mind, and a willingness to listen and share.

Here’s what our members have to say

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