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21 Prompts For Couples & Closeness

Journaling is way more fun if you have a partner in crime to share thoughts with, which is why we made the first ever “prompt pack for couples.” We’ve also had our fair share of long-distance relationships and wanted to make something special for lovers who want closeness despite the screens standing in-between. Whether you’re snuggled up next to each other, or have candles lit by your computers for a Zoom date, this prompt pack will uncover even more lovable qualities of you and your partner.

We’ve curated 21 prompts for a bonding experience unlike any other! Grab your partner, and journal for a three week journey of connecting on a deeper level as a couple.

Recommended use:

  • Get the prompt pack
  • Journal at the same time with vibey music for a shared experience (we send you a playlist)
  • Discuss your entries daily, giving each other space to share equally
  • Complete the prompt pack in 21 days or less for a three week journey


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