Self-Awareness Ebook

You guys get to be to guinea pigs for the new JoClub prompts ebooks!

This ebook is a part of a series of prompt guides designed to get your mind and soul thinking about the themes. Each prompt was selected to take you on a journey, and in this case, we’re exploring the differences between our ego, and our conscious so we can shed those insecurities and make room for real growth.

Here’s a preview of the goods:

  • The book contains an introduction section
  • 36 handpicked prompts in the theme of self-awareness
    • 12 questions about your “roots”
    • 10 questions about your “wings”
    • 6 questions to keep you balanced
    • 8 questions about self-love
    • a review section once the prompts are completed
  • each prompt includes a provocative “food for thought” paragraph to get your mind going

Price: $7.99 for priceless introspection ❤️

If completed, this ebook will help you uncover gems locked within you, and will shed away insecurities for the real growth the begin.

Perfect for someone who’s just getting started with journaling, or someone who’s been on the journey for a while. The questions are designed to be used time and time again.

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