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Journaling Has Called You. Heed The Call!


“I’m not pretentious. I write for myself, to sometimes feel my soul speaking, singing, and sometimes crying.”
Clarice Lispector, Brasilian writer

Writing is one of the abilities that differentiate humankind from animals, and we should be proud of how much this capacity has evolved since the first cuneiform script system until today. 

However, despite the fact that all humans started learning this skill at a very young age, merely as an academic requirement, there are some people who are lucky enough to connect with writing on a deeper level and have the chance to discover that it’s actually a living and powerful force.

I’m pretty sure that you, the journaler, are one of them. So, this is a brief message for you.

Did we choose it, or were we chosen?

We may never know.

While some writers and journalers started out on an instinct, others have had to look for years to finally discover that this was how their souls express themselves.

Despite your situation, it is fundamental that you identify what your “why” is:

Are you writing to bring your new projects to life?
To express your inner thoughts?
To help yourself evolve through new perspectives?
Or, perhaps, to practice a new language?   

Take a page from the brilliant journalers’ minds.

After having identified your “why”, it’s time to see it through.

You need to start to be consistent until you finally reach your maximum potential.

Many brilliant historical minds have already done it, for example: Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein started using their journals to record all their new ideas and they ended up changing the world. Frida Khalo, painter, and Clarice Lispector, writer, preferred to use them to explore and understand themselves, and they created incredible art.

Follow the brilliant historical minds who journaled.

You and your writing can bring a great contribution to the world! 

Honour your gift by sharing it.

If you feel this connection with writing, then keep doing it and little by little, you will discover all the wonders that this gift can give to you.

Take care of it as it takes care of you.

That is the best way to honour it.

Brenda is a medical writer and language learning enthusiast. She is madly in love with journaling, and she works on achieving her dream of becoming a polyglot content creator.

Connect with her on Instagram and find her blog here.

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