Document the best time of your life. Your future self will thank you.

Welcome Pace students, let's script our dreams into reality.

JoClub, the journaling club, is coming to Pace University on March 22nd, 2023! Pace is investing in the Wellness of its students by rolling out the first ever journaling club for college students to unlock clarity, connection, and community! This program was developed by founder of JoClub and Pace alum, entrepreneur, and Netflix host, Jo Franco, with the tips for success she wish she had while an undergrad in the NYC campus. This is the most thoughtful sliver of the internet. 

First 100 Pace students to sign up get the following goodness (fo’ free)!

First 100 students who sign up before March 22nd get admitted into the pilot program. 

Join the first live journaling session!

We will be making history at our first full JoClub session @ Pace on Wellness Wednesday, March 22nd at 6pm EST on Zoom hosted by founder of JoClub, Jo Franco. All you need is your journal, open mindset, and excitement about all the good you’ll script into reality.

free 7 day journal course

Get 7 days of journaling tips & learn to make it a lifelong habit & an invitation to the info session on Feb

Get to know your host


Hi everyone! I’m your host, Jo Franco, a writer, TV host, polyglot, world traveler, and serial learned. I have been journaling for 16 years every single time I’ve been confused, flustered, excited, or I’ve had major changes in my life – and I want you to do the same!

JoClub is my soul in a company combining global souls, self-development, love, and growth.

We learn about perspectives in all corners of the world becoming more connected to humanity as a whole. 

We’re your biggest cheerleaders and we really want to help you get to know yourself deeper and connect to lifelong friends. Are you ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

JoClub is a global journaling movement and company founded by writer, TV host, and documentarian, Jo Franco. Born in 2020 when the world was in desperate need of connection, JoClub is a safe space for virtual and in-person discussions guided by thought-provoking prompts and strategic themes with a diverse group of members in all corners of the world. Live journaling sessions bring forth multiple perspectives blurring time zones and borders for the ultimate forum dedicated to clarity, connection, and community.

JoClub’s core pillars are 

  1. Clarity: JoClub prompts and live journaling sessions are strategically designed to take members on an introspective journey each month.
  2. Connection: Members connect further to themselves through daily thought provoking prompts, and they also connect to their fellow members regardless of the geographical distances. We’re the people who can’t be bothered with surface level conversations.
  3. Community: We’ll be your community of accountability partners who genuinely want you to win. We’re the in-betweeners, the introverts, the thinkers, the feelers, and the people who want to document this precious and beautiful time we’re here.

No journaling experience is required, just a notebook, an open mind, and willingness to listen and share. The 1 and a  half hour journaling session will be guided by JoClub founder, Jo Franco and will include writing, and discussing in small breakout groups.

JoClub is:

  • For people who want to learn more about who they are
  • For people who want to start living the life they know they deserve
  • For people who want to document their growth
  • For people who don’t take enough time to reflect about their true wants and needs
  • For people who have a lot of feelings and thoughts but no system to organize them
  • For people who want to deepen their knowledge of their passions
  • For people who want to grow closer to a loved one (sign up with a buddy!)
  • For people who are tired of having surface level conversations
  • For introverted people who can never express their thoughts (we’re mostly introverts lol)
  • For in-betweeners who never found a community of other people living in cultural and identity limbo
  • For thinkers who want to maximize their time alive and meet like minded people invested in both depth and growth

JoClub is made for people who are tired of having surface conversations. We’re committed to self-awareness, and carving out action steps to design and attract our dream lives and relationships, including the one with ourselves.


JoClub is a diverse and open minded community of introverts, ambiverts, extraverts, writers, creatives, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and growth minded people. We welcome anyone who is seriously committed to the habit of journaling and self-awareness, and will invest in you as much as you invest in yourself. We are global, and come in all ages, colors, religious, sexual orientations, pronouns, shapes, and sizes. Despite our differences, we’re all supportive of one another and support each other’s life milestones.


Members typically have at least an intermediate level of English and we accept accents with love and open arms.


  • As a Pace student, you’ll get the chance to enroll in a pilot program for FREE! 


What you get if you sign up for the pilot:

  • Weekly live journaling calls that last 1:30 based on different themes 
  • A custom eco friendly journal & pens
  • Onboarding call to welcome members into the community and give a lay of the land, as well as introduce them to their new fellow members
  • Access to a private community on Circle where members can rewatch previous sessions, chat with each other and facilitators, and join on-going monthly challenges
  • Access to a community of supportive, wholesome people all invested in growth and connection

Live Journaling” is a concept created by Jo Franco, which can be described as real-time guided journaling in a collective group across a zoom call or in person events. Sessions are hosted by facilitators who ask curated prompts designed for a particular journey of thought or theme. JoClub members have said that JoClub journaling sessions hold the warmth of therapy mixed with the engagement of a yoga class which always leads to deep and mindful conversations regardless of the participants’ closeness to one another when they start journaling. Live journaling is a chance for attendees to not only share their innermost thoughts to profound questions, but listen to other diverse perspectives in a safe space. Journalers leave sessions with a broader sense of empathy and self-awareness which are the cornerstones to growth and collaboration. 


Live journaling sessions typically last between 1:30 and 2. 

JoClub Facilitators are a select group of leaders who were first members of the community. They all expressed passion in the mission of JoClub, applied, and undergo regular training sessions to continue developing their skills as facilitators of deep and engaging conversations. Jo Franco is in direct contact with all of the facilitators and is always in development of innovative session formats to put the facilitators’ passions on full display. The JoClub motto is if your passion shows, it shines through the screen. 


Facilitators are on-boarded once every three months depending on need, and members can apply to be on the waitlist for when spaces are available.

Jo Franco is a writer, traveler, polyglot, creator, and host on Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. Her fascinating story is a journey from undocumented immigrant to global influencer, giving her a multicultural perspective in her approach to travel and life experiences. Jo is the founder and CEO of JoClub, a global online journaling movement whose mission is to promote self-awareness, mindfulness, and strategic lifestyle design through workshops, membership programs, and retreats. Currently, JoClub’s members are located in over 20+ countries, and meet weekly through guided journaling sessions to share their innermost thoughts in the name of growth and community. Self proclaimed “cultural in-betweener” Jo has dedicated her life to cultural exploration and has learned several languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek and Italian. Viewers can travel the world with her across more than 600 videos on the internet across two YouTube channels DamonAndJo and JoFranco, amassing over 1.3 million subscribers. In 2021, she launched her hit podcast, Not Your Average Jo, where she hosts weekly episodes featuring tangible takeaways and tips for self-development so viewers are encouraged to embrace the uniqueness that will lead to their own personal fulfillment in various aspects of their lives.