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"I got used to listening to myself and became more confident in sharing my thoughts with others in JoClub sessions, as I came to understand their value.."

Noa, JoClub member since 2020

Journaling in Australia

“Being a part of JoClub has given me more insight into how effective incorporating journaling is. We have evolved into an international community in which I am so grateful to be a part of.”

Mary Bell, JoClub member since 2020

Journaling in the USA

"I don’t want to miss JoClub, as cheesy as it sounds, but it became a stable part of my routine over the last couple of months."

Lea, JoClub Member since 2020

Journaling in Germany

"I’ve been journaling for most of my life – it’s something that anchors me and always brings me back to my center. So, by joining JoClub, I get that same grounding experience, but times 20."

Rita, JoClub Member since 2021

Journaling in Switzerland