"The JoClub retreat changed my life."

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Twilighters are the purpose chasers, the global souls who want to sink their teeth in and create a fulfilling life path for themselves. It’s time to stop waiting and start acting on your ideas and passions because the world will be better for it!

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Jo here! We created

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Jo Franco

Hi everyone! I’m your host, Jo Franco, a writer, TV host, polyglot, world traveler, and serial learned. I have been journaling for 16 years every single time I’ve been confused, flustered, excited, or I’ve had major changes in my life – and I want you to do the same!

JoClub retreats are my favorite weeks of the year. It’s self-development, love, and growth on steroids in a beautiful destination as a backdrop for unforgettable memories. We spend days together bonding, learning, and sharing what makes us all human. It’s an investment your soul, mind, and body will thank you for. I promise. 

We’re your biggest cheerleaders and we really want to help you get to know yourself deeper and connect to lifelong friends. Are you ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

The official dates will be revealed via email to everyone who joins the waitlist above. The locations will be Croatia in June, and Mexico in October.

Attendees must be 21+ to attend. No age limit.

Retreats are typically 6 days and 5 nights long. Official information will be shared via email to those on the waitlist. 

Early bird rates will be $2,200 and regular access will be $2,500 and include 3 meals a day, accommodation, excursion, drinks, and all programming including journaling workshops, art classes, yoga classes, and writing workshops. 

To keep the experience cozy, we admit 12 people, plus 3 facilitators (including Jo Franco). Applications will be sent out via email to the waitlist. Attendees will be selected by March 1st 2023.

A life changing week in the best company you’ve ever had. This is wholesome on steroids. 

Jo Franco created the first ever retreat in Croatia in 2022. From there, two retreaters, Melissa Formisano and Remi Owadokun teamed up (they met at the retreat) to create more life changing experiences for JoClubbers through retreats. Now, the trio curates memorable trips for both JoClub members and corporations. 

“My life will never be the same. The retreat experience is one of those crazy dreams we have but don’t really believe will come true but actually did.”

Remi Owadokun – Porto Alegre, Brazil

“This retreat was genuinely a transformational, life changing and eye-opening experience, every moment was a pure joy, I felt deep connections with everybody, I felt empowered by their positive energy and their kindness ! In such a safe space I found my center, I saw my story and all the things I want to pursue from a different lens, now I’m armed with greater self-confidence, ready to take a step forward. None of these new everlasting friendships and Epiphanic thoughts would have been possible without Jo, she is an extraordinary person with a big heart ! She perfectly organized this rewarding experience and made the stay at Ekodrom Estate real heaven!” 

Sara Leknizi – Paris, France

“This retreat was absolutely transformational for me! I’ve never connected with people that quickly on so many levels. I found myself being vulnerable and open and growing naturally… in just one week!”

Melissa Formisano – New York, USA 

“Transformative was exactly the word I used when describing my experience at the inaugural JoClub retreat. It was amazing and it exceeded my expectations. Not only was I able to reset on a personal level I met and bonded with some wonderful women. I left feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and inspired. I’m so thankful that I joined JoClub.”

Carmen Patterson – Arkansas, USA