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It’s Never Too Late To Start Journaling


I was first introduced to journaling about 12 years ago when I was working for the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City, Utah by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, best known as the Mormons.

My experience journaling isn’t extensive. I started journaling just a bit, here and there, not very often. In the past, I was more used to pondering on important things and sometimes speaking to myself about my own thoughts and feelings, as a reflection of what I have done and haven’t done yet, or perhaps, how good or bad the experience was, according to my perspective or paradigms at that moment.

Then, recently I found JoClub because I watched an interesting and very entertaining series on Netflix, “The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals” where I met Jo Franco, Megan Batoon and Luis D. Ortiz, who are the hosts of the show. After that, I was curious about them and started Googling. I found out more about each of them and found the awesome JoClub project about journaling.

Once I started journaling, it became more familiar to me as I did it more often. For those that visit the JoClub website for the first time, they may don’t know about journaling.

That is why I’ve included a definition here that I found online about journaling as follows:

“Now it’s called journaling. It’s simply writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. And if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can be a great idea. It can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.”

And let me tell you more… I believe journaling is so much more than this! How many times do we take things we have or experience for granted? 

How about a journal specifically to give thanks for what we have, experience, and feel every day. Being grateful or thankful is one of the reasons many of us dedicate time to write down in our journals. 

Another good idea to keep those thoughts, feelings and experiences could be a desire to help others to achieve a better life or understanding that can become a book that can reach or help hundreds or thousands of lives… A legacy.

Another example can be a testimony about the benefits of journaling, like the one I found in an article by Hayley Phelan, titled: “What’s All This About Journaling?”. These benefits of journaling are scientifically sound and proven. I’ll just mention one of them because I’m sure you will be more interested in reading the whole article: “Writing in a journal can lead to better sleep”.

Wow, that is amazing! 

Again, here is something else that we may take for granted:

Many of us are able to sleep well, but think about someone that does not, and struggles every night to go to sleep. Think of the many young or elderly men or women that are not able to do so because of their age or health.

She mentioned this in her article and that is very true: “One of the more effective acts of self-care is also, happily, one of the cheapest.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article, remember: Journaling is a very powerful way to care for ourselves, become better every step of the way, and help others achieve their greatest potential, as we care for them, as well. It is never too late to get started. 🙂

Alejandro was born Mexico City and was raised in Chihuahua State since he was 7 years old. He was the former IT Manager at the Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City, Utah, but now he currently works as a Customer Service Advisor at a Retirement Government Institution. At the moment, he is working on his first book about Type 1 Diabetes in order to share his personal journey to help others. He has been a Type 1 diabetic since age 12.

He joined JoClub to connect with like-minded peers to develop his writing skills by journaling.

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