The JoClub Community Speaks

JoClub is a community of journalers bold enough to share their thoughts with the world. Our membership is for anyone who wants to make lifelong connections with other people who want to dive into self-improvement, mental clarity, and journaling for life.

Here’s what some of our members have to say:

“Being a part of JoClub has given me more insight into how effective incorporating journaling is. In result, we have evolved into an international community in which I am so grateful to be a part of.”

-Mary Bell

“I’ve been journaling for most of my life –  it’s something that anchors me and always brings me back to my center. 

So, by joining JoClub, I get that same grounding experience, but times 20 (or the number of members at each meeting)! What never ceases to amaze me is the depth to which we go each session, and how our unique inputs enrich each other. 

It’s been the coolest experience to be a part of such a wonderful international community where we grow and evolve together.”


“Being a part of JoClub has been so dope. It’s allowed me to journal in a different way. I felt really stuck in my writing. I was less frequent in my journaling but using the prompts and being a part of the group has helped me be more accountable. Which has allowed me to go deeper with myself. I am so happy I found JoClub!”


“When I first joined JoClub, I wanted to build my journaling habit and possibly meet like-minded people. Our Discord group gives us the opportunity to interact on a daily basis and foster these global friendships. The connection among us, particularly as we grow, continuously becomes more and more gratifying. Our dynamic remains unmatchable.”


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The Global Journal – Issue 2.

JoClub members came together around the world to create a new monthly digital magazine where JoClub members share the insides of their journal entries, insights and passions, leaving you inspired, and connecting you to the community.

PS: By joining JoClub, you don’t only get access to the magazine, but have the opportunity to help create it!

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