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Here’s Why You Should Keep A Journal


Writing in a journal can lead to a plethora of benefits. In essence, journaling helps with clarity and organization.

People start journaling for different reasons. These reasons can be personal, professional, or a mix of the two.

To list some, journaling can help you:

  • Take care of your mental health
  • Track your personal development
  • Alleviate stress
  • Manage anxiety
  • Cope with depression
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Build and track personal habits and achieve your goals

And more.

If you don’t journal, here are 3 of the BEST things about journaling:
(which will hopefully inspire you to start today!)

1. You can start RIGHT NOW.

You don’t need anything fancy to start.

If you want to keep an analog journal, all you need is an empty book (notebook, journal, scrapbook) and your writing tool of choice! (a pen, pencil, fountain pen- if you’re a bit fancier).

If you want to keep a digital journal, open up your writing tool of choice! (Apple’s Notes/Pages app, Microsoft Word, Google Document, Scrivener, Ulysses … you choose!)

2. There are NO RULES.

Journal as you see fit. Your journal is yours and you’re in charge.

Did you miss a day? No worries!
Writing daily is too overwhelming? Try weekly!
Tired of lined pages? Experiment with dots, grids, or blank sheets!

Remember, there is no right or wrong approach to journaling.

3. The results can be instant.

E.g. If you decide to journal for mental clarity:

When you do a brain dump and take everything that’s occupying space in your brain and put it on paper, you’re going to feel less overwhelmed.

E.g. If you decide to journal to cope with depression:

When we write and then re-read your entry, you have the opportunity to take a step back and process the information either through a different lens or from a completely different perspective.

This can help you be more aware: it can allow you to identify triggers, patterns, and even solutions.

How some JoClub members use their journals:

“I use writing as an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and memories. Because otherwise, I’m usually a very highly stressed person, running from one place to another, to another, and not really reflecting upon things. I would often journal in moments of crisis when it all became too much.”

“I started journaling during the pandemic. I needed an outlet for all of my thoughts and feelings as writing them down always helped. It was so important for me to write down my feelings and thoughts, otherwise, I don’t think I could’ve coped with a lot of things.”

“As someone who has a difficult time remembering a lot of my life, I thought it’d be good to document everything I was feeling whilst I and most of the world was going through one of the toughest times we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes. Committing to 5-10 minutes a day to journal during one of the toughest times in my life enabled me to process everything I was feeling. So many of my highlights from the last year have come about because of journaling and I’m so grateful.”

Tip: Find a journaling buddy and start together!
We don’t have to do things alone.

Maryse S. Marius is a creative non-fiction writer documenting her life experiences in words. She was born and raised in Saint Lucia 🇱🇨 🏝, and loves learning languages.
Connect with her on Instagram: @MaryseSMarius

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