The Sweetness of Shared Privacy

I have always felt that journaling is a very personal thing, and to be honest, before joining this Journaling Club, the idea of sharing didn’t quite convince me. 

If I had finally found a space where I was beginning to understand my ideas, why expose myself again to feel those barriers that often limit my words?

Yet I did it, and here I am! After several months in which I have read the words of people from all over the world and they have read mine, I only have one thing to say: YES! Breaking into that privacy is totally worth it. 

So, what would I say to that version of me who was hesitant to open up and share? 

I’d say: Just do it! 

In JoClub, you will hear such heartfelt, expressive entries that will, unknowingly, help you subtly and lovingly to see the world with new eyes. 

Yes, I know, saying out loud what you think is scary, but when you realise that more people identify with it and even expand your vision, you feel amazing and less alone. 

You will find people from all over the world that, despite having very different backgrounds, different ages and being in different stages of life, we have something in common: the interest in our personal development and having a better life experience, while we use words as the vehicle for our souls to express themselves. 

So I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the club- thank you for sharing a little piece of yourselves, for your always refreshing, profound and valuable words. Thank you for being you, for having that view of the world and thank you because together we continue to move forward on the path of being better versions of ourselves and having a better life experience from now on. 

Love, Bren.

Brenda is a medical writer and language learning enthusiast. She is madly in love with journaling, and she works on achieving her dream of becoming a polyglot content creator.

Connect with her on Instagram and find her blog here.

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