How Joining a Journal Club Changed My Life

Contributed by JoClub Member: MARYSE S. MARIUS

I’m 21 and I love writing with a pen.

I wouldn’t say that I was always a journaler, but I did have my moments. My mom always tried to motivate me to keep a daily account of my life. She did back then, and still does now. She always made sure I had an empty agenda book, or two (pre- headed with the dates), but trust me, I always had the pens. She always said it doesn’t have to be a lot of writing, just write the most important things from each day. She would regularly give me prompts and hints to get started. I did my best but I always met the next year with an almost perfectly unused agenda. I knew that I’d love to have a routine, but it was difficult.

I joined JoClub to build my journaling habit and meet like-minded people. I mean after all these years, I needed a push, right? As an introvert, this was already a big step for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When Jo launched the Instagram page, this was pretty cool. Using her words, “This account will take you inside of strangers’ journal entries from around the world.”

Such an adventure! How can you say no?

31 May, 2020. First session. I was completely sold.
18 July, 2020. Membership. I found my community.

JoClub hosts 2 Zoom sessions per month. With each session, we all learn a little bit more about each other through our journal entries and discussions. These moments allow us to be more introspective and to dig deep. We have journal seminars, journal slams, Bring Your Own Prompt events, Plus One events, and even member- co-hosted journaling sessions! These all include live journaling and journal entry readings.

In addition to all this good stuff, we have our Discord group! It gives us the opportunity to interact on a daily basis and foster these global friendships. We have a variety of channels: #thecoffeeshop, #reading-list, #love-to-love, #prompt- suggestions, and more.

To make sure we stay on track with our journaling, say hello to our daily emails with the prompt of the day and food for thought, accompanied by song recommendations.

The connection among us, particularly as we grow, continuously becomes more and more gratifying. Our dynamic remains unmatchable.
With JoClub, when we open up, we can either find our global twins, or sometimes, we find comfort in discovering that we’re not alone.

The JoClub family is love.

Maryse S. Marius is a creative non-fiction writer documenting her life experiences in words. She was born and raised in Saint Lucia 🇱🇨 🏝, and loves learning languages.
Connect with her on Instagram: @MaryseSMarius

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