Meet “The Global Journal”

If you’re tired of scrolling the internet for inspiration to evolve your mind and nourish your soul but keep coming across vapid content, we got you covered! The JoClub members have banned together to create every introvert’s dream digital magazine.

Meet The Global Journal, a place where you’ll read the insides of intimate thoughts, get bonus prompts based on zodiac signs and tarot cards, receive advice from the editor, Jo Franco, read a journal entry about a featured country written by one of our global members, check in with mental health and wellness resources, peek at juicy anonymous entries, and get inspired with arts and entertainment recommendations!

This new monthly digital magazine is where JoClub members share the insides of their journal entries, insights and passions, leaving you inspired, and connecting you to the community.

Price & Presale Information:

If you buy the first issue of GloJo (cute nickname) during the presale window (now until August 1st) you’ll pay $4.99. Please note, if you buy in the presale window, you will receive a preview version, with an updated version in your inbox on August 1st. Any purchases after August 1st will be $7.99. New issues will be released the 1st of every month.

Psst: all JoClub members will receive a copy as a perk of their membership! If you aren’t a member and want to join us, click here.

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If you purchased the preview and didn’t receive the download link, send us an email at

PS: By joining JoClub, you don’t only get access to the magazine, but have the opportunity to help create it!

Thanks for building this movement with us!

Table of Contents for Every Issue:

Letter From The Editor

  • Note from Jo

All Things Journaling

  • Monthly Check-In
  • Journaling Tip
  • Tarot Readings with journaling prompts

JoClub Global

  • Featured Country
  • Polyglot Journaling
  • Around The World

Mental Health

  • Doctor’s Note
  • Testimonial
  • Anonymous Entry


  • Poem of the Month
  • Recommendations (music, quick laugh, tv shows, movies)


  • All Things JoClub
  • Meet The Team

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