I Joined JoClub at 3AM.

Contributed by JoClub Member: LEA SEEG

JoClub has been on my Instagram feed for quite a while before I decided to take a step further and see what it’s about. I have been following Jo for a while, mainly because of her polyglot content. When I was going through a rough time last year, I felt the need to let go of some thoughts, and writing them down was always something I unconsciously came back to. 

So, one sleepless night at 3 am I saw a post about JoClub, and I thought to myself: “Why is Jo so passionate about journaling? Should I do it more regularly?”

So I clicked and signed up. And it’s one of the best decisions I made in the last year. 

First of all, journaling in general. Are you kidding me? Taking a moment every day to reflect on what is happening around me or inside me did so much for my mental health, and also for the relationship I have with myself. Writing brings closure for me. Closure with thoughts I don’t know where to put or how to deal with usually. Thoughts I don’t want to share with anyone else other than myself. It almost feels like having an insightful and deep conversation with yourself. 

Apart from helping me to find peace in stressful moments, it also helped me find inspiration for creative projects I have been wanting to start. It encouraged me to just keep writing and writing until I started liking the things I put out. 

Second of all, the members. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? It’s such a lovely community of like-minded people from around the globe. In this club, everything I could ask for is coming together. Everyone is so open, lovely, and willing to discover new things. The amount of support I’ve witnessed in both the discord group and the sessions warms my heart and makes me smile just thinking about it.  

I don’t want to miss JoClub, as cheesy as it sounds, but it became a stable part of my routine over the last couple of months.

Lea Seeg is a creative and comedy writer from Germany currently living in the Netherlands. On her Instagram account (@Leansdayaddams) or in her meme/comedy newsletter, she does what she’s most passionate about, entertaining people.
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