Love & Relationships Prompts Ebook

You guys get to be the guinea pigs for the new JoClub prompts ebooks!

This ebook is a part of a series of guides designed to get your mind and soul thinking about their respective themes. Each prompt was selected to take you on a journey, and in this case, we’re talking about matters of the heart.

Here’s a preview of the goods:

  • The book contains an introduction section
  • 36 handpicked prompts in the theme of love and relationships
    • 12 questions on romantic love
    • 8 questions about friendship
    • 6 questions about family dynamics
    • 9 questions about self-love
    • a review section once the prompts are completed
  • each prompt includes a provocative “food for thought” paragraph to get your mind going

Price: $7.99 for priceless introspection ❤️

If completed, this ebook will help you get to your relationship with connections, love, and matters of the heart.

Perfect for someone who’s in a relationship, someone who’s single, someone who’s heartbroken, or looking for love. Really, it’s perfect for anyone who feels things – even if you’re mainly committed to your relationship with yourself.

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