Manifesting: It Actually Works.

Post by Diana Modupe

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Journaling Career: 5 years

Over the years, I may have heard the word “manifesting” in passing, but it wasn’t until my junior year of college that I learned the true essence of the word and started my own manifestation journal. At the time, I was taking an Afrofuturism Literature course, which introduced me to the late author Octavia Butler. Along with reading some of her novels, we watched a documentary about her life that featured some of her manifestations. Octavia Butler wrote her desires and intentions on paper in the present tense as if she was actively achieving each goal she wrote down. Some of her affirmations were as simple as “I am a bestselling writer,” and others were more detailed like, “Every one of my books reaches and remains for two or more months at the top of the bestseller lists of….,” where she listed several publications. The amazing thing about what she wrote down is that it all ended up happening. 

That same semester, I purchased my first journal and got to manifesting. If Octavia Butler could do it, why couldn’t I? I started off with very general affirmations like “I am healthy” or “I am financially abundant,” but then I wondered what would happen if I wrote more specific affirmations. In a matter of days and over the next few years, I began to see some of my journal affirmations unfold before my eyes. I found myself living in France (twice), traveling throughout Europe, meeting financial goals, and paving the way to live out my dream career of becoming a writer. 

So How Does It Work? 

A main idea surrounding manifestation is that seeing your goals or intentions repeatedly in writing (or another preferred method) and believing that these goals are possible will inspire you to take small steps each day to reach them. Forming habits like having a positive outlook and consistently practicing gratitude can be the fuel you need for your manifestations. The key to manifesting is letting go of pressure that the specific manifestation needs to happen and just having fun imagining the outcome. How would you feel if this really happened? Channel those emotions and get to writing! When manifesting, believing that the outcome is possible will make all the difference, so I suggest starting off with something small if it’s your first time. I’d like to note that I am not a manifestation coach or expert, but these are just some things I’ve done in my personal experience and that I’ve learned from doing my own research over the years. 

Easy Techniques for Manifesting:

  • Speaking positive affirmations/intentions out loud: Saying positive sentences to yourself in the present tense can be an easy way to manifest. It might feel unnatural at first, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll feel.
  • Writing down what you desire in the present tense: If you prefer journaling, this may be the manifestation technique for you. Instead of saying your affirmations or intentions out loud, write them down!
  • Creating a vision board: Picture where you’d like to be in life and create a collage of images to represent those goals. You can even make a digital vision board on your phone.

I still have my original manifestation journal from 2017, and every now and then I get overwhelmed with gratitude as I like look back at all the amazing things I was able to materialize in my life. Throughout the last few years, I’ve kept little pieces of my manifestations, like postcards from my travels in my journal and even a mini elephant collection from all the countries/cities I’ve visited, to remind me that I really can create the life of my dreams.

Have you tried manifestation before? Do you have a preferred method of manifesting? Let us know!

Happy manifesting,

Diana Modupe

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