JoClub Membership is Now A Thing

I’ve been wanting to develop this for a while. So I sat my a$$ down and developed it. We’ve built a nice little community on Instagram and some of you have been journaling for 300+ days! JoClub is growing, and so should the access to the community.

I’m officially rolling out the JoClub membership program where you get to commit to journaling, be a part of a tight-knit community, and make journaling a life long habit.

So what is this all about? Here’s a breakdown of what you get

Don’t worry, we’ll still be updating the JoClub Instagram account daily with free prompts, there’s a little something for everyone ?.

When You’re a JoClub Member:

Price: $12/month

This membership is for anyone who wants to make lifelong connections with other people who want to dive into self-improvement, mental clarity, and journaling for life. We’ll help you turn journaling into a daily habit with the following perks:

  • 30 thought-provoking questions on a monthly basis to your inbox (so you won’t have to wait for them daily on Instagram)
  • Access to a Facebook group exclusively for the JoClub community of all levels
  • 2 Monthly live journaling event/journal slam
  • Access to an intimate Discord group for this tier only
  • 1 on 1 with Jo every quarter.

Can’t wait to grow this movement with you!

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