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Day by day, we’re writing books together. I’m ecstatic and in disbelief that we’ve been journaling for 37 days straight. Shoot, I don’t think I’ve ever done something daily this consistently. A lot of you have admitted that having a community to journal with has helped you stay consistent. It’s a symbiotic relationship, we’re strangers, but we’re helping each other become better people. We’ve made The Journal Club, JoClub for short, a movement on Instagram.


On most days, I hop out of bed excited to make my homemade café au lait, light a candle, and answer the prompt from the night before. Other days, you’ll DM me asking me if I can post the prompts earlier… sorry y’all the quarantine sleep schedule has been bringing me back to summer vacation where the only important thing I had to do was wake up to watch reruns of I Love Lucy (I was an old soul, ok?)

Despite the prompts being posted at different times, it’s stayed consistent and daily. It’s become a habit that I can’t get myself to shake – only unlike refreshing Instagram 10 times a minute, this habit is healthy, and my 80-year-old self will thank me for it.


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Who else is sticking to it because they see this community doing it? ???? #josjournalclub #60dayjournalchallenge #journaling

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If you’ve been journaling with me on my personal Instagram, give yourselves a virtual hug. I posted this video to celebrate our 30 days together and announced that I’d be doing this challenge for another 60 days. And hopefully, we can outlast many of my recent relationships by journaling together all year long. But let’s start with baby steps, ain’t nobody got time to over-commit and under-deliver.

So for the next 23 days, check my story for the most updated prompts, and share your entries by taggin both @jo_franco and @joclub_ (can I ever win with IG handles?). One of the fellow journalers has put together this Google Doc that will be updated with new prompts often. I also need a logo, so if you know someone to bring the journaling movement to life with a visual, send me an email: We’re building this together, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


For those of you who are such loyal fans of @joclub_, make sure you follow our dedicated Instagram account, and read fellow journalers’ prompts. Their words might just be what you need to read that day. And your words might be the catalyst to help someone change their lives for the better. CRIES TEARS OF JOY.

Now, sit back, play that Lo-Fi hip hop, we even have this epic collaborative playlist, and put your thoughts on paper so they stop plaguing your mind. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

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  • 2 Live Journaling Zoom Calls Every Month
  • Daily Journal Prompts to Keep You Inspired
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