Welcome to My New Site

I feel like I just gave birth to my third child. Hi everyone, I’m Jo. Maybe you know me from my YouTube channel, @damonandjo, or for creating Shut Up and Go, and now, here we are on Not Your Average Jo. This will be the platform for all of my crazy ideas, tips, and resources to make us all a little less average. If you want to take your life to the next level, if you want to grow your mind, your money, and your ambition, this is a site you should keep refreshing.

Glad you’re here.

Why am I doing this?

  • Because I’m making videos on my YouTube channel that have so much information, they’ll need articles for your reference. Plus, I love writing, so it’s just more practice.
  • And also, because I’m all about putting content on the internet that actually helps you change your life in a positive way.
  • Consider this a website that will take you to the next level. We’re not average up in here.

I started making content on the internet 10 years ago, holy shit. I’ve deemed myself tech department, and it’s pretty fun navigating the hairy back end of WordPress. I built this site within days, and it all seems too familiar. What’s exciting to me about this project is seeing a new community grow, a community that’s passionate about growing.

What will I be writing about on this site?

  • Journaling
  • Money Management
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Language Learning
  • Books
  • And anything else you request that adds value

I’ll be counting on you to keep me accountable, it’s a symbiotic relationship. The world is too connected, and too abundant for anyone to feel alone.

So for starters, leave a comment below telling me what you want to see on this site! XOXO,

By Jo

I'm Jo, I build online communities rooted in passion from traveling, to journaling, to self-improvement. I try to add value with everything I post on the internet because ain't nobody got time for more fluffy clutter. Watch my videos on and show me love on Instagram

18 replies on “Welcome to My New Site”

I’ve been an avid supporter of DamonandJo for years now. (I honestly can’t remember when I first discovered your awesome team!) I’m so proud of you two and will continue to fully support and promote you as a duo and as individuals. Currently, I am a full-time high school math teacher quarantined at home for ‘virtual schooling.’ Your journal prompts are giving my life purpose each day, THANK YOU! Thanks to your Financial Spring Cleaning video, I JUST opened a high yield savings account literally seconds ago! I’d love to see more financial nuggets of wisdom and perhaps some culinary tips too! Keep rocking, Jo!

Ms. Rojeroooo! I’d love to have a math teacher as supportive as you! Your students are lucky! This comment fills me with joy and gets me excited to keep going with it. It’s crazy how the internet can truly change people’s lives.. especially in a time like this where we’re all craving human contact!

Looking forward to see what this new venture will bring! I’m currently doing the 30-day journaling challenge and am LOVING IT! Thank you for putting out such amazing content & resources for those of us who are trying to make our lives more awesome.

I am a sophomore in high school and because of quarantine I’ve been spending a lot more time surfing your and Damon’s channels (yay!). One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world while improving my French, Spanish, and Italian, and, hopefully, learning some new languages along the way. The DamonandJo channel, as well as your individual channels, have inspired me so much to learn, grow, and thrive in many ways. I would love to see more information about traveling as a female and how to navigate certain (awkward) situations. I am quite enthusiastic for this next chapter of Jo Franco 🙂

I’ve been following DamonandJo for years and as a language student and travel lover I absolutely loved your content! You are such an inspiration for me Jo and your energy and positivity is needed especially during times like this. I’m so excited for this new platform to follow you on. I hope you’re doing well! Love from Italy <3

Hi! So I only recently started subscribing to DamonandJo, and now am following both of you on your respective solo channels. I am a sophomore in College, looking to transfer to a college in the LA area in the fall as long as this pandemic is more in order by then. Since I started watching you and Damon’s videos, I have completely paid off all of my debt, including a car payment, credit card debt and student loans while still going to school only working a part time job as a delivery driver. I did this because I had the amazing resources that you and Damon have provided as well as shutting up and going to work so I will be able to, in the short future, Shut up and go follow my other dreams. I have started Investing using Acorns, and I have started to build up my savings accounts 🙂 thank you for showing us that it is possible to grow up with no knowledge of finances, not coming from a money background, and still be able to succeed and make a life for ourselves that we actually want to live!

Félicitations, Jo! So happy and excited for this new chapter! As a language student who became a translator, I have always been so fond of the DamonandJo channel.
Your inspiring videos made me want to learn more Brazilian Portuguese and travel solo (and sweat with those squats, yes girl!).
I can’t wait to read more content on your new website.
Lots of love from a London Frenchie x

Hi Jo:) Your and Damon’s channel is truly inspiring. I’ve never thought that my life could be changed completely during quarantine. You guys changed my mindset and encouraged me to live the life that I want. After quarantine I will SHUT UP AND GO! I will explore the world, meet new people and gain more experiences. I’m curious about how you make friends during your journey. I’m not a good conversation starter:( Do you normally talk to them first? And what are the conversation starters that I can use when I’m travelling? Love from a Chinese girl who’s living in Thailand xx

Hi Jo:) I’ve been watching your language learning videos for a very long time but just recently I started to watch your travelling videos. I have to say that you and Damon completely changed my life! I’ve always wanted to live an interesting life that I can travel around the world but it I thought it was impossible. After watching your videos, I promised myself that I will SHUT UP AND GO right after this lockdown ends. I wonder how did you make friends with other people while travelling so easily? I’m not good at starting a conversation and I really want to know how. Thank you for inspiring me. Love from a Chinese girl living in Thailand xxx

The universe really does have its ways of bringing the things you need and desire to life. I first came across ‘DamonandJo’ through one of Holly’s Youtube videos a long time ago and right away I fell in love with your friendship and energy. Fast forward to today, I have been none-stop binging your new Youtube content and I am in love with you girl! Today I will start Day 1 of your prompt journalling… keep shining and sharing such inspiring content Jo <3 Besitos xx

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